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Recall not a solution to homelessness

Notice the slick mailers and door hangers advocating recall of elected City Councilmen Drew Glover and Chris Krohn—they do not propose solutions to problems. The only policy issue they address is to say Krohn and Glover “voted to keep the (Ross) camp open,” not telling you their compassionate position was to keep the camp open until safe and healthy places to sleep would be found by city and county officials. Krohn and Glover lost that vote. Do you recall an elected official because of a minority vote they cast from a conviction of compassion? Every council member claims housing for all is a priority.

They have not delivered on this promise. Do not recall Glover and Krohn when they research and propose compassionate solutions that sometimes win and sometimes lose in council votes. That is not an offense, that is local democracy in action. Vote no on recall.

— Peter Klotz-Chamberlin, Santa Cruz

Supervisor Leopold has proven track record

Fellow Santa Cruzans, please join me in voting for John Leopold as our District 1 supervisor. John has a proven record of accomplishments; he also works with fellow supervisors and citizens to gain consensus.

He conducts monthly constituent meetings throughout our district; an opportunity for all of us to be updated on county plans and express our interests/ concerns. He has improved the environment (led on banning fracking), housing (new affordable units and vacation rental rules), supported local business, helped with our local parks, public safety and transportation (green lanes in Soquel, tireless efforts to change the jet path). And please, remember that John supports a transportation corridor to include some type of train which would certainly help transport families and seniors who no longer bike.

— Lynne Simpson, Santa Cruz

Protest sign is a hateful statement

This letter is in response to the large picture on the front page of the Sentinel (Feb. 7).

The picture shows a woman with a sign that says “Republicans are un-American.” I am a Republican and I take great offense at such a blatant hateful statement. I consider myself to be an “American” and am proud to be very patriotic. I was raised by parents who taught me to respect other people’s opinions.

That is what makes our country so wonderful, the ability to freely express ourselves. To consider all Republicans “un-American” is a caustic and racist statement. I did not vote for Obama and did not particularly like him as a president, however, I respected and am friends with many people who thought he was great. This display of hatred and name calling is indeed unfortunate.

— Judy Doering Nielsen, Corralitos

Beef production has profound negative impacts

I was disappointed that Barbara Quinn’s otherwise informative column on nutrition and beef strayed from her area of expertise into an inaccurate assessment of ecological impacts. Beef may be many things, but “sustainable” is not one of them. Despite improvements relative to the historic footprint of beef production, beef remains an incredibly unsustainable food source, requiring 20 times more land and generating 20 times more GHG emissions than plant proteins. Even for a meat-based product, beef is radically resource intensive, requiring more than three times the water needed for poultry. I hope Ms. Quinn will investigate beef production more closely to help her readers better understand the profound negative impacts that production and consumption have on the environment.

— Dan Ackerstein, Santa Cruz

Candidate Betsy Riker offers change

I’m supporting Betsy Riker for District 1 Supervisor. I’ve known Betsy for 45 years and have found her to be extremely honest, intelligent, fair-minded and hard working. She would be an asset to our current Board of Supervisors.

The fact that she is a woman is a plus for me. We need more women representatives in our local government. I have found over the years that women generally seek office, not to hold the title, but to actually try to accomplish things for their constituency. They are better listeners than men when it comes to politics. It’s time for a change. Please join me in voting for Betsy Riker.

— Carolyn Christopherson, Santa Cruz

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