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Taking sides with Newsom’s approach to homelessness

Friday’s Sentinel reported two different approaches to the homeless, one by our governor and one championed by Santa Cruz city manager, fronted by Police Chief Andy Mills.

One approach is compassionate, humane, positive and helpful. Our governor is providing trailers to Oakland to house 70 homeless.

“We own this issue,” Newsom said. “The issue of homelessness is a crisis in the state of California. It’s happened on our watch, and we need to meet this moment.”

The other approach is proposing to “control,” to make human behavior illegal, to punish and prevent our way clear of the homeless condition.

Which way do you think will work and do less harm? Is that question too loaded to not see the correct path?

It’s a shame that our progressive community is the source of such harmful policies. This is embarrassing. Until we accept and work with the homeless, I’ll bet on Newsom, the good guy.

— Lee Brokaw, Santa Cruz

Turn supervisors’ housing blunder into a positive

For five years few affordable units, if any, were built. Four board votes to John L.’s “no” allowed project developers pay inlieu fees versus building 15% of affordable units in their projects.

Basically these four supervisors voted against affordable housing. To my knowledge they’ve never caught flak nor apologized; now our housing crisis is worse.

Turn their blunder into positive action!

These “in-lieu” fees are banked. Why not use these “banked fees” to launch a “Landed Program” to help qualified county residents - who have some down payment monies but not enough – buy into condos, manufactured homes and/or stand-alone homes?!

Via a lottery selection the Santa Cruz County could provide - in exchange for a portion of a home’s value when it’s refinanced or sold - partial down payment assistance (a set maximum) with a five-year no selling agreement to prevent flipping.

— Patti Brady, Santa Cruz

AB5 is garbage in a free market

I hope readers of the Sentinel appreciated the dark humor in the editorial Jan. 16, which bemoaned the terrible side effects of AB5. The bill is unconstitutional, idiotic, and likely to cause huge disruptions in business done in California. It is also a direct result of electing “progressive” legislators, ironically the type of politicians supported by the Sentinel. A Republican or anyone who supports free markets would never come up with garbage like AB5.

— Allan Rofer, Aptos

Krohn deserves gratitude not a recall

As a feminist activist since the ’70s, one of the things I appreciate most about Councilman Chris Krohn is that he is a man who listens more than he talks, asks questions rather than preaches. He is sincerely interested in people and their problems. He honestly believes in grassroots democracy. During his almost eight years of service as a councilman, he has led the struggle to include residents’ voices in everything from major development plans and the choice of a police chief, to small but significant items like the safe placement of a stoplight or the most communityfriendly time to schedule public comment. More than ever in our world’s drift toward authoritarianism, we need leaders who have a truly heartfelt commitment to broad public participation.

Chris Krohn deserves our gratitude, not a recall powered by narrow real estate and developer interests. — Barbara Riverwoman, Santa Cruz

Trump still plays to white racists

Remember Donald Trump saying, I haven’t got a racist bone in my body? So why has Mr. Trump spent the last three years playing to the white racists in the Republican Party?

“The Bible has noble poetry in it; ... and some blooddrenched history; ... and a wealth of obscenity; and upwards of a thousand lies.” -Mark Twain.

— Ron Lowe, Santa Cruz

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