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Santa Cruz United not an all-volunteer organization

Santa Cruz United betrays our community by claiming (on their website) to be a “lean, allvolunteer organization” while paying for recall signatures.

They are equally misleading in their accusations against Councilmen Drew Glover and Chris Krohn. I urge everyone to oppose the recall.

— Brett Garrett, Santa Cruz

There is much confusion about Wi-Fi shutoff

Mr. Mohsenin falsely claims that an “actual letter of accommodation being proposed” recommends “that the smart meters of utility companies, antennas, Bluetooth, etc. be replaced by manual and non-emitting devices …” This statement is not accurate.

What was proposed is a procedure to allow persons, who are disabled by electromagnetic sensitivity (EMS), the opportunity to request “reasonable” accommodation, which could possibly result in finding an alternate location for a proposed small cell installation.

All information I have presented to the council is fact and science-based. I am continually working with legal and scientific advisers, who have also shared information directly with the City Council, and city staff.

Darius, I welcome a chance to meet with you personally to better explain this process, if you are interested. Thank you for expressing your concerns, and allowing this opportunity to correct misunderstandings.

I recommend this link to the Environmental Health Trust website — Satya Orion, Felton

Charging batteries might have caused boat fire

Having been on that boat a few times, there are a lot of divers with heavy-duty underwater camera gear including light bars.

That stuff takes a lot of power.

I speculate that a piece of that equipment was charging that night and the Lithium battery exploded which caused a chain reaction to other equipment.

The charging would be done in the main cabin as there isn’t enough room in the berthing area. Even if you got up to the stairs you still need to get through the main cabin to get out.


— Chris Kilgus, Felton

Hopefully, modern rail transit is coming soon

At Thursday’s Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) meeting, TIG/m (www. offered to bring a demonstration of their clean transit technology to Santa Cruz County. Their use of rechargeable batteries and hydrogen fuel cells means that, when operating, these vehicles are silent and emit only water vapor.

The presentation was received enthusiastically by the public who commended the trams’ wheelchair accessibility and their ability to accept bicycles on board.

We applaud the RTC’s willingness to bring this demonstration to our county so everyone can experience what modern, carbon-free, rail service could be. The Friends of the Rail and Trail hope the RTC will bring several demonstrations to our community as we consider what type of high-capacity public transit will best serve our needs. We need transportation that will cut our commute times, help us fight global warming, and create a more equitable, economically vibrant community for everyone.

— Sally Arnold, Santa Cruz

Curb homeless camp on beach before it’s too late

I live on Beach Hill near the growing unsanctioned homeless tent encampment that is growing rapidly on the boardwalk beach. I am upset there was no opportunity for community discussions before letting overnight camping occur on the beach. We have always followed the beach rules but now people are allowed to live there. This is a challenge to our community in numerous ways. Safety, blight, home values, tourism are all at risk if this continues.

The camp becomes larger every day. We need to have communities voice in this serious and worrisome decision.

City leaders should not make this decision without our input.

I hope they hear our concerns.

— Mary Ellen Tong, Santa Cruz

UCSC is 251st on U.S. College Rankings

A real big thank you to the administration, faculty and staff of UCSC for beating out Albion College in Albion, MI to become 251st in the WSJ’s U.S. College Rankings. I can’t tell you how proud you make me to be a Slug!

— Michael Olson, Santa Cruz

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