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Santa Cruz recall effort is a sham

I believe the Santa Cruz recall is a shame and a sham. Chris Krohn and Drew Glover do not abuse women. I know Drew Glover, he went to Harbor High with my son and they became good friends. Drew was respected enough to become class president and valedictorian. At the graduation I heard Drew give a speech that impressed me with his intelligence and concern for the future good of all people. Drew speaks his truth in a clear, firm, strong voice. This should not be construed to be bullying or harassment. I’ve known Drew and Chris to be intelligent and good caring people. Please don’t recall them from the city council.

— Rob Thompson, Santa Cruz

Leopold is champion for diverse district

I’m a proud supporter of John Leopold. What separates Leopold from others is his sensible, well-informed approach along with his personal involvement. From the beach to the mountains, with full equity and partnership for all, Supervisor Leopold is a hard-working champion of our diverse district who uses his seat to make your voice heard. Leopold’s proven track record can’t be beat.

Supervisor Leopold genuinely cares about our input and championed Cradle to Careers to raise the voices of our community. Cradle to Careers puts parents in the driver’s seat with collaboration from Live Oak Schools and the East Cliff Health Center to support their family’s potential. Supervisor Leopold also advocated for LEO’s Haven, an all-inclusive park; more than 500 people attended the opening.

— Xaloc Cabanes, Santa Cruz

Recall support means stop bullying, harassing

Shame on all the letter and opinion writers who deny, minimize and make excuses for Councilmen Chris Krohn and Drew Glover bullying and harassing women. Yes, go back and read that last sentence, it says bullying and harassing, not sexual harassing.

Even after 11,500 city voters signed his recall petition, Glover harassed a young woman at the UCSC Democratic club! He just can’t stop!

And recently a video of Krohn videotaping his supporters harassing CPVAW commissioners has surfaced. Krohn did nothing to stop the bullying!

For months,I have witnessed Glover and Krohn encourage bullying and harassing behavior at City Council and community meetings.

“YES” on the Recall simply means: Yes, stop it, quit bullying and harassing us! — Julia McDermott, Santa Cruz

Koenig will bring good judgment to county

It does not require government experience to be a good supervisor. It takes good judgment-- the ability to ask questions like: “Why do we keep doing this if it doesn’t work?” To make decisions during meetings, not before. To listen to neighbors. Twelve years in office for the current supervisor is enough. California voters decided in 2012 that 12 years was the maximum term for the California Assembly or the Senate. Why should Santa Cruz County Supervisors serve longer?

We are blessed to have Manu Koenig in our community, a third generation Santa Cruz County resident who resides in Live Oak. He is intelligent, listens well and has been active in the community for the past 10 years. He brings fresh ideas and a bias toward getting things done. I am voting for Manu and I hope you do too.

— Bill Simpkins, Santa Cruz

City schools should explain where money is spent

Santa Cruz City Schools has taken an unprecedented step in its two latest parcel tax measures. They will be permanent.

Until now, parcel taxes have always had an expiration date. Measures T and U will not. City Schools will continue to collect the money without ever having to justify the need or to explain where they will spend the money.

Santa Cruz voters have consistently supported their schools. City Schools might consider offering respect to those voters by being honest and transparent in their parcel tax measures.

— Denise Traxel, Santa Cruz

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