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Washington should take a look at Santa Cruz

BRAVO! A very well moderated forum with supervisor candidates from the 1st and 2nd districts participating! Thoughtful questions, thoughtful answers (and some humor) with civility all around; Santa Cruz conducting itself in a way Washington would do well to emulate!

— Lynne Simpson, Santa Cruz

Support Cabrillo’s much needed upgrade

My high-schooler attends Cabrillo’s Dual Enrollment program, which he loves. I am happy to have such a highquality college in our community, providing options for all kinds of learners, programs and interests. There’s no debate about the need to upgrade Cabrillo classrooms and labs. Fifty-year-old classrooms are falling apart, and there isn’t enough space in labs to respond to growing student demand for more science training. Upgrades are needed; the issue is how to pay for it.

The State provides zero funds for facilities at Cabrillo.

Every building at Cabrillo is here because of local voter-approved bonds. The funds can only be used for facility upgrades and must be monitored by an independent oversight committee. It’s been 16 years since the last bond for Cabrillo -- this is too long to wait for much-needed upgrades. We should continue our support for world-class education and vote Yes on Measure R.

— Gigi Kelbert, Aptos

Government is functioning, vote ‘no’ on recall

Now is not the time for a recall of the most diverse Santa Cruz City Council we have ever seen in our fair city. With some mediation and some concerted effort, the city council in Santa Cruz is back on track and voting UNANIMOUSLY for many controversial topics such as a higher rate of required affordable housing units for all new developments. There seems to be a new peace resting on our land, and a government that is functioning. It is something we can be proud of having achieved despite the vitriol taking place on Nextdoor and other social media. On or before March 3, vote NO on the Recall.

— Batya Kagan, Santa Cruz

Recall is supported by ordinary residents

I support the recall of Councilmen Drew Glover and Chris Krohn. If you are a feminist, you should support the recall because of their verbal abuse of female city staff members. Both Glover’s and Krohn’s communication was so caustic that they were banned by the city manager from directly communicating with city staff. If you are an environmentalist, you should support the recall because of their decisions to support illegal camping which have caused harm to our waterways, beaches and city parks generating many tons of trash, discarded needles and human waste. If you want to end divisive politics, you should support the recall. Both Krohn and Glover have walked out of council meetings, interrupted people who didn’t share their views and made the city council meetings dysfunctional.

The recall is supported by ordinary Santa Cruz residents who want to keep our city safe and clean for all to enjoy.

— Patricia Unruhe, Santa Cruz

‘Deplorable voters’ will continue to support Trump

The Democrat Washington establishment despises the Trump voter. After President Trump wins the November 2020 election, he will serve another four years. We, the deplorable voter, will continue to vote for someone like Donald Trump again for President. Why, because he has done for America what no other president has accomplished in just three years.

Even despite all the harassment! I guess Democrats don’t want America to be great again. After all for eight years President Obama told the American people that Americas best days are behind her.

Yes, that’s it in a nutshell.

— Linda Eberhardt, Scotts Valley

News coverage of trial feeds polarization

The news, including the Santa Cruz Sentinel, coverage of the Presidential Impeachment Trial has centered on conflicting disputes between the president and the House of Representatives and not a concise summary of the facts and issues. Overwhelmingly the public is interested in the facts, not the individual opines of the political parties. A result of this has increasingly polarized and/ or frustrated the matter.

— John J Crivello Sr., Scotts Valley

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