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Marked tree is disaster waiting to happen

Ever since the 2017 El Niño storms the fir tree on my road has leaned closer to power line. Davey Tree marked it for removal six months ago. After the last windstorm it is only 10 inches from the line. A windstorm from northeast could ignite tree sap and a crown fire destroying Felton and UCSC. PG&E will not allow other tree companies to remove this tree. It is a disaster waiting to happen.

— John Purchase, Felton

Look at the facts before voting on recall

Like all men in our culture, Chris Krohn and Drew Glover are burdened with systemic sexism. But both men are to be commended for having worked harder than most in overcoming this bias. Chris raised two daughters while supporting his wife through college. Drew served on the Commission for the Prevention of Violence Against Women.

The Rose Report dismissed all charges of gender discrimination against both men. The writer of the report made clear that the two charges that were substantiated concerned a “terse and short” tone of voice (Drew) or a “sarcastic laugh” (Chris) that were not based on the gender of the person addressed. And, very importantly, and contrary to the dangerous exaggerations of their critics, there were never any charges of sexual misbehavior of any kind. If there had been, I would certainly not be writing this letter urging readers to vote no on the recall.

— Kate Bowland, Santa Cruz

Recall campaign has done more damage

I’ve just received the latest, slick flyer from the Recall Chris Krohn and Drew Glover campaign. I’d like to point out that the negativity, venom and outright prevarication poured into our community by the Recall campaign far outweighs Glover and Krohn’s own occasional impulsive and hurtful statements. Let’s get real folks!

— Jack Bowers, Santa Cruz

Satire leads to reflection after recall Op-Ed

Ryan Coonerty is a skillful politician, one who brings people together, building coalitions and finding compromise. He carries his family name well. Which is why I was puzzled with his piece about Chris Krohn and Drew Glover, advocating recall of our two elected representatives. Published last Feb. 13 and filled with hyperbole, inaccuracies and fanciful thinking, characteristics not associated with accomplished politicians, his writing displays a streak of retribution that I had never attributed to Mr. Coonerty.

He has aspirations as a satirical writer, I thought. In that case, his spirited column was not vengeful, merely humorous, because he surely understands that all of us are fallible and that our better angels ask us to seek thoughtful reconciliation based on honesty and sincerity, not revenge and subversion based on personal feelings toward Krohn and Glover; similar weaknesses burden us all. Mr. Coonerty is not immune — better to be a satirist.

— Robert Morgan, Santa Cruz

Cabrillo dollars can be spent differently

As a long-time student and instructor at Cabrillo College, I cannot support the $274 million tax/bond proposal.

As a custom home builder, I can build a palace for half the square foot cost of the proposed new library ($73 million).

A new science center ($84 million)? In 2014, Cabrillo spent millions remodeling the science lab and lecture rooms. At the same time, the square footage formerly occupied by dental hygiene was given to the sciences and also fully remodeled. Why does the new, gleaming student services centers fronting Soquel Avenue need $62 million to be replaced?

Being involved in the popular welding program, I’m bewildered when I walk into our dated shop and can’t help but wonder who’s prioritizing the big picture needs of the campus?

Cabrillo attendance has been steadily dropping with many classrooms sitting empty and heated.

Please carefully consider if another layer (30 years) of taxes is well spent.

— Dave Osland, Aptos

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