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Cabrillo needs community support in Measure R

We know there are some good tax measures and there are some bad ones. Measure R to support Cabrillo is definitely one of the good ones and most deserving of support.

Community colleges are linked to the quality of life within a community. More than providing educational and cultural enhancements, they are often the path out of poverty for many. Cabrillo allows people in our community to choose a pathway to a productive life, at times taking an entire family out of poverty. Studies show that increased access to quality education means less violence, less crime and a better quality of life for all of us. We simply cannot afford NOT to support Cabrillo.

We are blessed that Cabrillo’s reputation is that it is run efficiently, effectively and is one of the very best community colleges in the United States. Let’s keep it that way. Vote ‘yes” on Measure R.

— Ted Burke, Capitola

PG&E got it right at local business o ffice Plenty of ink has been devoted to what has gone wrong at PG&E, so I wanted to give our local PG&E office a shout out for work well done. For a number of reasons, there were concerns that we might be delayed in our move to our new headquarters at 300 Panetta, in the Delaware Addition, because of a delay in getting permanent power. The local office at PG&E worked diligently with us, including the local PG&E construction crew, to pull a rabbit out of a hat. We are extremely grateful to the hardworking and talented folks in the local PG&E office and to our contractor, Devcon, for making this happen. We hope to be in our new office by mid-March.

— Pamela Davis, president, founder, CEO of Nonprofits Insurance Alliance, Santa Cruz

Judicial candidate Annrae Angel rose to challenge

I read with pride the Guest Commentary by Gloria Nieto in the Sentinel. As a public defender for nearly 30 years, I am always pleased to hear clients praise the work of their public defender. Fortunately, many attorneys who take appointed cases share that praise, as does Annrae Angel. Annrae is a well-respected attorney who has dedicated her career to improving the lives of her clients. What sets her apart from the other two candidates is that she is the only candidate who stepped up to challenge a sitting judge who had been disciplined by the Judicial Council for inappropriate behavior on the bench. This took guts, a personal financial investment and integrity. I understand their not wanting to take on a difficult challenge, however, they would not even be in the race had Annrae Angel not had the courage to challenge an unqualified sitting judge.

— Barbara Fargo, Santa Cruz

Rhetoric about councilman is only for political gain

I am a young woman who worked on Drew Glover’s campaign in 2018. I spent extensive amounts of time with him during that campaign, getting to understand his vision for Santa Cruz and political principles.

I was respected, valued, heard and appreciated for my work during my time on that campaign. I am a devout feminist.

I can say, with full certainty, that Drew is by no means anywhere close to being a sexist. I have been disturbed by the narratives propagated about Drew.

As someone who has experienced sexual assault and harassment, I have felt violated by the co-option of #metoo rhetoric for political gain and I condemn any local elected officials who have sanctioned the use of #metoo language to smear Drew. This recall is about nothing more than political corruption, moneyed interests and old-guard political figures that Drew’s elected status threatens. Vote “no” on the recalls.

— Madison Raasch, Aptos

Congresswoman came through with needed help

In 1998 FEMA gave out grants to Felton Grove homeowners to elevate their homes and have their garages below.

Then if it flooded, which it often does, the homes are still OK. All but three of the 50 homes took advantage of the grant. I was active then as an Enrolled Agent (EA) and had clients who received those grants.

The problem: Those grants were supposed to be used in their entirety on the project yet they were taxable but there was no additional money to pay the tax.

I went to then Supervisor Mark Stone and explained the unfairness of the situation. He called for a hearing and Congresswoman Anna Eshoo sent a staffer. Her staffer reported back and Anna wrote a law to deem these grants non-taxable, got it passed, and signed by the president. Anna came through with the help we needed. Let’s reelect Anna Eshoo.

— Ronald P. Sekkel, Ben Lomond

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