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As You See It

Glad that Judge Symons is running for reelection

I’m personally thrilled that Judge Ari Symons is running for reelection. She’s been an excellent judge for Santa Cruz. She’s fair, but tough and holds people accountable. Now more than ever we need experienced judges who understand the challenges our community is facing, can draw on decades of legal experience as a prosecutor and judge, and are willing to be tough when necessary but also compassionate when the opportunity allows. Ari is a great judge and she has my full support. I hope voters will continue to support her as they have in years past.

— Ann Stout, Santa Cruz

Putting a price on carbon is the right thing to do

Thank you Santa Cruz Sentinel for your ongoing coverage of the climate crisis. Jessica York’s Aug. 20 article regarding progress in the Resilient Coast Santa Cruz Initiative was highly informative. As sea levels rise, wise planning is even more imperative. I’d like also to applaud Lynda Marin’s letter from Aug.

25, reminding us of the good work Reps. Panetta and Eshoo have done with their recent carbon pricing bills. While the differences among the bills are significant, their commonality is more important. Putting a price on carbon is the right thing to do. Correcting the “negative externality” of unpriced greenhouse gases, carbon fees right a wrong; they provide a corrective to the immoral neglect now reaching ecocidal proportions. We can disagree in good faith regarding the best use of the carbon fee revenue (dividends, R&D), but we should all be clear: it’s time to put a price on carbon.

— Rachael L. Sotos, Santa Cruz

If it’s not about the guns, then what’s it about?

If Tony del Zompo thinks “it’s not about the guns” (Commentary, Aug. 19), please tell us what it is about. How can these horrors happen without the guns? We spend a lot of time and talk about mental health and background checks, neither of which will do anything about the millions of murderer weapons floating around the country, already in the possession of the next shooter (whoever that may be), and the shooter after that and the one after that, and so on and so on until we finally accumulate the common courage to outlaw all murder weapons, putting into effect a simple national policy, one that applies to everyone who is not a member of the constabulary or the military: “carry a gun, go to jail.”

— Howard F. Sosbee, Scotts Valley

Problems won’t go away if councilmen are recalled

After a five-month review and $18,000, a conduct inquiry revealed that Chris Krohn used “an audible sarcastic laugh,” and Drew Glover showed irritation over a scheduling conflict.

Santa Cruz has many problems, as do most cities and towns in the U.S: housing shortages, homelessness, substance abuse, mental illness, etc., but these problems were certainly not caused by Krohn and Glover, and recalling them won’t solve them.

Krohn and Glover are two people who have spent a good part of their lives trying to solve these and other problems. Everyone, who is rightly concerned by living conditions in Santa Cruz should join with them to come up with compassionate solutions to these issues that we all care about.

— Annie Newman, Santa Cruz

Detrimental ‘mean girls’ conduct deserves response

“When we pursue the well being of ALL who live in the city we are in, and it thrives, we thrive with it.”

As a city resident and voter, I am troubled by the behavior of certain councilmen and city staff.

Their vendetta against our newest councilman and his councilman colleague has caused great harm and bitter divisiveness to my beloved city.

They have cost me and other tax payers an unnecessary $18,000 to show that councilmen Glover and Krohn did not talk nicely and laughed inappropriately.

“Much ado about nothing.” Only it’s not nothing what this Santa Cruz smear squad tried to do … oust two good councilmen who happen to be at the other end of the political spectrum. This detrimental “mean girls” conduct deserves a response … like maybe a new recall campaign citing malfeasance, bad faith with intent to do harm, plus a couple of staff demotions/dismissals. At the very least, some long overdue apologies and retractions of false accusations are in order.

— Barbara Fields, Santa Cruz

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