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Support Cabrillo College Measure R

Cabrillo college is our Community College. It will be here in three, five, 10 and hopefully 25 years. If we want the college to evolve with the employment marketplace and evolve with the transfer expectations of the CSU’s and the UC’s we should not freeze Cabrillo in time with today’s campus. The state funds the existing program, not the ones we will need for the future. Measure R is a measure of our real time voting community’s support for our Community College. At least with Measure R we have a direct say in what our taxes are used for. Local taxes create a shared financial commitment to both current services and future services. — Johanna Bowen, Santa Cruz

Vote for a change in supervisor post

If you hang around long enough, you can take credit for most anything. This is particularly true if you’re one of five Santa Cruz County Supervisors, where not much happens if three of them don’t vote together.

After three terms in office it’s pretty plain that John Leopold knows how to make the most of his county political machine. Ostensibly a supporter of affordable housing, he has nonetheless voted AGAINST some of the more notable opportunities for supporting and creating it, among them the recent Habitat for Humanity construction project, the Affordable Housing Incentives Initiatives, and then, inexplicably for an automobile dealership in place of a housing project. Fortunately, the housing initiatives passed without his support. But the auto dealership? Makes me wonder if this isn’t a “follow the money” opportunity.

How about voting for a candidate who will do what he says he supports? Vote for Manu Koenig.

— Nadene Thorne, Santa Cruz

Supervisor Zach Friend is doing a great job

Zach Friend is an amazing Supervisor. A while back we needed additional warning signs about a curve on San Andreas Road. Within 24 hours of talking to him the signs were up. Now we are dealing with the new extremely restrictive Local Coastal Program and he replied to my comments within a day. No other Supervisor took the time to respond.

Thank you Zach for doing a great job.

— Vicki Kuhlmann, La Selva Beach

Vote ‘no’ on the Santa Cruz City Council recalls

Did you know that one can be a registered Republican voter and a Democrat at the same time? Welcome to the world of City Council candidate Renée Golder. She has voted as a Republican for most of her adult life including the 2018 primary, according to County records, but she has convinced many (including perhaps herself) that she is a lifelong Democrat. Some people would call that lying, but I digress. She said she changed her voter registration “a few years ago” to reflect her Democratic identity. Apparently she makes up her own definitions, so her words can mean whatever she wants them to mean. Vote NO on the recalls!

— Brett Garrett, Santa Cruz

Support Jack Gordon for Superior Court judge

Jack Gordon is the only candidate in the race for Superior Court Judge that has experience as both a defense attorney AND a law enforcement officer. He has lived in Santa Cruz County for more than 40 years with his family, and proudly served as a Santa Cruz County Deputy Sheriff for close to 15 years. No other candidate brings that side of experience, and that balanced perspective to the bench when we need it most. Jack will be a fair judge, and a stellar representative of Santa Cruz County values. He has personally worked on more than 1,200 cases representing at risk youth, and more than 1,500 cases representing adults in both state and federal court. He is an extremely well respected lawyer, and has been endorsed by former and current judges, and elected officials. I would encourage all County residents to support Jack Gordon for Judge on March 3. — Robert Singleton, Santa Cruz

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