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As you see it

A view from the cheap seats

People who stand too close to an elephant cannot see it for what it truly is. The same is true, in my opinion, of the people who are trying to defend the behavior of Mr. Glover and Mr. Krohn. While I have never met either of them, and could not describe their character with any certainty, the view from the cheap seats indicates they’ve engaged in some inappropriate and unprofessional behavior. While watching from the back row of the council chamber last week I was hoping our elected officials would be professional enough to resolve the issue and move on to more important matters, but apparently there weren’t enough adults in the room. We now have to watch our elected officials use up more precious time fighting over something that should have ended last week. Maybe stepping back will change their perspective and allow us all to move on.

— Magdalena Ramirez, Santa Cruz

Simpkins swim center needs improvements

Been swimming at Simpkins Family Swim Center for 20 years. There are six stalls in the women’s shower room, two have no soap dish. It’s been a year since this was first noted. How long does it take to order and install a soap dish? Gobs of hair in the showers too, and after free public days, fistfuls of hair in the pool. There used to be a webcam, but that went dead when Parks and Rec took over.

I’ve submitted comments which are not answered, even when I said I would include their reply in my letter to the paper. Who cares about the regular swimmers? They don’t. What they care about is raising the rates—mine was increased $35 this year. So do we need to plan a bake sale to get a soap dish or two? Got a recipe for Scroogenut cookies or hairball crumble?

— Jenny Dee, Santa Cruz

Entire council should receive censure

This is the 47th anniversary of my return from Europe and my military service.

I am reminded of my first stop with my friends, Gary & Roselle. They had plans for leaving their children and a friend’s ‘impossible’ child with a baby sitter and I insisted that I’d be just fine, no need for the baby sitter. The three kids were 3-5 years old.

After the adults left for the day I gathered the kids and told them to have a good time in the back yard. I said that if anyone came to me with a complaint about one of the others they all would face the same punishment. Needless to say, to the amazement of the parents, the afternoon was harmonious and uneventful.

In this spirit, I wholeheartedly support censure, if the council will censure all seven members. I believe that that vote would or should be 7-0, — M. Lee Brokaw, Santa Cruz

Impeachment is a joke, far reach for Democrats

This is going to put Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden under the microscope. What about his son accepting $1.5 billion dollars toward his investment company from China? Mr. Biden was vice president at the time. Why was Air Force Two used to fly to the Ukraine and China with he and his son on board? Talk about quid pro quo.

So many questions and the news media is unwilling to do their journalistic duty and investigate.

A far reach for the Democrats again. Their hatred for President Trump will be their downfall.

— Linda Eberhardt, Scotts Valley

Vote was for Glover, Krohn

While doing some errands recently, I turned on my car radio to hear a really impressive call-in program. That program was headed up by Drew Glover and The Center for Nonviolence. Chris Krohn was the only candidate during the last election to arrive at our senior complex, take the time to field questions and exhibit a true intent to represent all citizens of Santa Cruz. I’ve witnessed this dedication multiple times in council meetings from both these gentlemen. I voted in the last election thinking my vote meant something in a democratic government. Was I wrong?

— Gloria Sams, Santa Cruz

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