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Dismantling council takes city down road of demise

Those who live and work in the City of Santa Cruz are being asked to make a decision between the ideals of compassion and those of greed. Councilmen Chris Krohn and Drew Glover have repeatedly stood on the side of justice for all who live here. The reason their characters are being smeared by what is a swindle in process is because Santa Cruz is up for sale to the highest bidder. If we accept the lies, deceit and deceptions being presented as truth by those who seek to buy our town then we will all lose. We must stand together refusing the recall and the sale of our town to those who seek to profit at the expense of those who live here. To dismantle our Council based on the reasoning given by a campaign of subterfuge seeking to divide will only take us further down the road of demise.

— Marvin Lewis, Santa Cruz

Mounting evidence to support recall

I would like to commend Supervisor Ryan Coonerty on his well-written guest commentary from Wednesday’s Sentinel. If you missed it, please take the time to look it up. Ryan is an honest, hardworking representative of our community and I applaud his unbiased overview of the recall and support for it. I am dismayed at the City Council for tabling the discussion on the allegations against Councilman Drew Glover. We, as voters and citizens, deserve to be informed of truthful outcomes, even if they are disturbing to some members on the Council. And then I woke up this morning to find my “Vote Yes on the Recall” sign torn from the ground, ripped to shreds and left in my front yard. What happened to freedom of speech? These actions go to show the type of people who are opposed to the recall. Please vote “yes” on the recall.

— Linda Burroughs, Santa Cruz

Supervisor Leopold provides access

When I think of the work John Leopold has done for the 1st district I think of the word access. Access to summer evening movie nights in Soquel, access to a new playground in Live Oak that accommodates all abilities. Access to primary and mental health care at the East Cliff Family Health Center. New housing is being built and planned. When speaking to John, you get a clear sense of the enthusiasm he has for our community and his goals to make sure everyone living in the first district has access to safe and affordable housing, health care and services.

I strongly support John Leopold for 1st District Supervisor.

— Rebecca Haifley, Santa Cruz

Cabrillo education compares to top art school

I would like to echo the excellent guest commentary by George Ow Jr. The other side of the coin is what Cabrillo does for older students, retired people and people who need retraining. From retirement planning to art classes, Cabrillo provides what no one else provides to the community. I took art classes at my university and the Art Students League in New York City. I finally learned how to draw from Howard Ikemoto (at age 60) and how to paint from the great and caring painting teachers at Cabrillo. I can compare the level of instruction to one of the top art schools in the nation and I would say I learned the most at our own community college. I am happy to vote for Measure R to give back for the fun and joy I have received.

— Carolyn Reynolds, Santa Cruz

Measure R makes Santa Cruz less affordable

Measure R is a $274.1 million bond that will cost residents an estimated $550 million to repay over its 30-year life. That’s more than $220 million in interest payments to investors who will pay no federal or state income tax on that interest income if they live in California. Measure R will raise property taxes in Santa Cruz County, not only affecting out-of-town landlords and homeowners, but all residents. In order to maintain current profit margins, landlords will increase rents either proportionally or use it as an excuse to increase rent even higher, further making one of the least affordable places to live in the country even less affordable. We should be looking for solutions to make our area more affordable, not less. Please vote against debt and a higher cost of living by voting no on Measure R. — Evan Benevento, Santa Cruz

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