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White men should pause, check for implicit bias

White men like Stephen Kessler and myself need to pause and check for implicit bias anytime we have an impulse to accuse a black man of “overcompensat[ing] with an attitude of arrogance and moral superiority.” Or, maybe Kessler’s first draft where he simply accused Drew Glover of being uppity didn’t meet his minimum word count requirement. After all, it has become de rigueur for old white men in positions of influence to advocate for making racism great again, especially when trying to score points in the political arena.

— Nels Olson, Santa Cruz

There is no ‘5G-screen’

Richard Jones wrote, in a previous letter to the editor, that the sun’s radiation is at “levels far above anything a cell tower or utility meter emits.”

In reply, I ask if Mr. Jones would like to be exposed to the sun’s radiation 24/7, with no sunscreen available - no shade - no opt out possible? This is the current situation with all wireless radiation. These exposures will become more extreme with the installation of hundreds of new 4G and then 5G antennas in the near future. There is much more science I could share, which is available on these two websites — and

I understand that this invisible radiation seems harmless. I used to think this way too, until I developed sudden, severe symptoms from my own exposure to just the current levels of technology.

— Satya Orion, Felton

Check student’s emails before admission into US

The “siege of Gaza” verbiage of Goodman and Moynihan falsifies reality. Egypt and Israel need to stop the flow of weapons to Gaza terrorists. In 2014 Israel intercepted the Klos-C, carrying Iranian-made weapons to Gaza. Egypt expanded its buffer zone along the Egypt-Gaza border after terrorists killed 31 Egyptian soldiers in Sinai. In 2015 Egypt doubled the width of its Gaza buffer zone. This involved demolishing 1,000 homes and flooding many tunnels from Gaza.

Last month, the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination told Palestinians to “remove any derogatory comments and images from school curricula and textbooks that perpetuate prejudices and hatred.”

The Hamas Document of 2017, Article 20, states “Hamas rejects any alternative to the full and complete liberation of Palestine, from the river to the sea.” Checking the emails of a student “educated” in UNRWA schools seems prudent prior to admitting him to the USA.

— Julia Lutch, Davis

Equitably allow the rich to help less fortunate.

I have two co-workers that qualify for a home for $650,000 each but are unfortunate enough to not find an adequate home for their family that is close to work. However, if they combine equity - that is $1.3 Million. That equity can leverage land, Realtor, construction loan, contractor, architect, permits and utilities to build four units from two rich people’s equity? They could live in two, and help two other less fortunate co-workers afford a home locally. A local affordable housing builder suggested that affordable housing could be built for $150,000 an apartment unit if true then even more would be built. What a solution for the UC, school district or large local entity. I have asked local entities to evaluate this and all think it is valid. I do have trouble making it past local rhetoric and roadblocks. Hopefully, one benevolent person reads this and decides to implement it.

— Michael Pisano, Santa Cruz

Inclusionary zoning is not the way

No, the “working class” can’t actually afford $2,500 for a studio apartment.

To anyone who takes a few moments to consider how sustainable it is to subsidize 15% of affordable units by building 85+% of luxury units, wherein the median income can’t even afford a studio apt, it seems rather intuitive that even in the absence of an affordable housing crisis, if you chose to execute this policy for long enough, you would actually produce an affordable housing crisis. The progressive council members did the right thing by killing the trickle down housing plan known as the “Corridor Plan.” The working class deserves more than scraps. We should be building more “Tannery” projects using the Low Income Tax Credit. We should be partnering with a Community Land Trust to renovate “La Bahia Apartments” into affordable housing. Let’s get one thing straight, this is an “affordable housing crisis,” not a “housing crisis.”

— Reggie Meisler, Santa Cruz

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