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Santa Cruz Wharf without peer

In response to Sunday’s Our Ocean Back Yard column entitled Lost Claims to Fame, I’d like to clarify that the Santa Cruz Wharf is the longest timber pile wharf on the West Coast, and in U.S. Ocean waters. It is one of a very few wholly wooden wharves in its class remaining worldwide, distinguishing it from the many fully or partially concrete and steel piers with greater length in U.S./global ocean waters, as well as timber wharves of greater length and width within the Great Lakes. In addition to its remarkable length, and wooden composition, our Wharf is notable for its enduring design by architect/engineer Henry Brunnier, and for being a publicly maintained community resource providing all-inclusive access to the Monterey Bay for more than a century. It was designed as “California’s Finest Wharf” in 1913, and remains so today.

— Jon Bombaci, Santa Cruz

Roaring Camp gives students ‘awesome trip’

The Harbor High Leadership class would like to thank Roaring Camp and their staff for another amazing Winter Formal experience for the seventh year in a row. On Saturday more than 300 students from Harbor High took the Holiday Lights train from the Boardwalk to Roaring Camp for a dinner and dance. On the way up, students were served appetizers and drinks. On the way back, students got hot chocolate, hot apple cider and desserts. While on the train students were singing and dancing to music. These are the types of events that brings a school’s culture together. It was an awesome trip that students will never forget.

— Joseph Allegri, Harbor High Leadership

Voters should invest in Cabrillo College

As a retired economic development professional, I have, for the 30 years I’ve lived in Santa Cruz, recognized the value that Cabrillo College and its wonderful programs provide to the Santa Cruz community, including its youth, employers and businesses. Cabrillo has been training our healthcare, hospitality and tech workers. With the passage of Measure R, Cabrillo will also be training our local fire fighters and police, which will save taxpayer dollars by keeping training local. I have served on Cabrillo Foundation’s committees and have also learned about the programs and resources being made available to returning veterans, as well as providing students the tools to qualify them to transfer to a four-year university. With all of this in mind, I encourage voters in Santa Cruz County to invest in one of the top drivers of our local economy. Vote Yes on Measure R.

— Ceil Cirillo, Santa Cruz

Councilmen are leaders, community assets

I proudly posted in my front yard a “No Recall” yard sign. Not long after, the property manager who markets the empty rental next door posted a “Support the Recall” sign. I don’t agree, but I respect the right to expression and freedom of speech. Recall is part of our political system, for better or worse. I can reluctantly live with landlords, realtors and property managers protecting their pocketbooks and making big money even as others, and Santa Cruz, may suffer from it.

Sadly, that seems the American way, like it or not. As difficult as it is, we have all lived with blatant hypocrisy and greed since day one; each of these human flaws will survive long after we’re gone. What I can’t tolerate, however, are the lies, misinformation, slander, and character assassination of two good people: Chris Krohn and Drew Glover. Each are community assets, leaders with vision.

— Steve Bare, Santa Cruz

Spoiled brat Trump will get his comeuppance

You would think that a person who has been impeached and is now going through a trial would change his attitude: stop with the hoax and witch hunt remarks; stop with the name calling; the lies. Be calmer, don’t give in to anger, be more observant, quietly. But Donald Trump is acting like a spoiled brat and spoiled brats always get their comeuppance.

— Martha Dolciamore, Soquel

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