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Election votes should matter, vote ‘no’ on recall

A recent recall-supporting letter writer invoked unintended irony, saying the message of the recall campaign is “votes matter.” Whose votes? Nearly 11,000 voted for Drew Glover. More than 12,000 voted for Chris Krohn. Recall would nullify all those votes. The recall campaign is a direct assault on those voters’ civil rights. It is a subversion of the orderly democratic process. Those who elected Krohn and Glover did so in regular elections. Their votes matter. Their candidates were elected fair and square. Neither Krohn nor Glover has done anything to merit removal from office, despite the recall campaign’s lies, slander and smear tactics.

Resorting to a recall under false premises to undo recent elections is just plain wrong. The recall campaign is a political fraud perpetrated by a wellfunded minority faction intent on pulling off a power grab. PLEASE VOTE NO ON THE RECALLS!

— James Weller, Capitola

‘No’ vote on Cabrillo’s Measure R is against taxes

We are not against Cabrillo College, we are against paying more and more taxes. In their most recent glossy flier that we received in the mail nowhere does it say this is a tax. This bond is a tax and if passed, it’ll show up on your property tax bill each year for 32 years. All residential and commercial properties alike.

Seniors are not exempt and this tax could very possibly push them into having to sell their houses because they can’t afford this new tax.

We are powerless when it comes to our water bill, our PG&E bill, gasoline tax, insurance, etc., which are all going up. We have the power to say NO to this tax.

All we hear about is housing isn’t affordable in Santa Cruz County, and this tax will be making it even more unaffordable. Please Vote No!

— Kris Kirby, Aptos

It is time to support Cabrillo College

As a former graduate of the community college system in California, the University of California, and a former Chancellor, it is with great sadness that I look at the condition of our local system. Cabrillo is 60 years old and in need of major repair. We send out high quality faculty to teach in classrooms, laboratories and libraries built in the last century - before computers. We cannot expect our graduates to be on the cutting edge when we provide them only with facilities and equipment made for a previous era. It is time to invest in science and advanced mathematics. Please vote for measure R.

If you think the cost is too high, consider the cost of not doing this: mediocrity, lack of competitiveness, students unable to get training they need for today’s job market, and students unable to obtain the preparation necessary to transfer into a baccalaureate institution.

— Bill Gray, Capitola

Shen Yun is a sham, full of strange propaganda

It was the holiday season and looking for a last minute gift, I had found the perfect solution - a vibrant dance performance full of history and culture. Little did we know Shen Yun is a sham. After seeing a few beautiful dances, the show quickly turned into a strange mix of robotic narration and discrete propaganda for Falan Gong.

Songs beckoned the audience to avoid the “dangerous deceit of evolution” noting the destructive forces of “modern life.” Dances depicted communist police dressed in black stabbing a Falun Dafa member in the eye. Playful “games” enticed the audience to say “I love Shen Yun” in Chinese. Yes. Falan Dafa members have been persecuted by the Chinese government, but why so persistently advertise a dance performance and then spend an hour dramatizing your religion? Classic “bait and switch.”

Consider this a warning to all those late gift givers. If you want a show free of strange propaganda, avoid Shen Yun.

— Lisa Lachlan, Santa Cruz

Jack Gordon is a person of principles

I urge the Santa Cruz County community to vote for attorney and former Deputy Sheriff Jack Gordon to be the new Superior Court Judge.

Jack is a person of principles and compassion, and would bring a measured, thoughtful and ethical work ethic to our local court system.

I have known Jack and his family both personally and professionally for three decades, and am convinced that his deep commitment for our public safety would be the right choice. Please join me in voting Jack Gordon for Judge on March 3.

— Susann Lavars, Corralitos

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