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As You See It

Local health care team is capable, caring

I wanted to write to express my gratitude and appreciation of Dr. Wong, his care team, and the Infusion Center staff at Palo Alto Medical Foundation in Santa Cruz.

I have suffered from a chronic, life-threatening autoimmune disease since I was a little girl. This disease has escalated in recent years, rearing it’s head at key times in my life -- the week of my wedding, again before my honeymoon, and most recently when I became pregnant. The care and treatment I received from Dr. Wong and the Infusion Center staff was topnotch, helping make these milestones, and my daughter, possible. In the face of frightening circumstances, I knew I could trust and depend on them time and again. We are privileged to have such capable, caring medical professionals in our local community.

— Christina Davis, Prunedale

It’s time to ditch PG&E and go solar

PG&E’s recent dramatic attempt to show off their control by keeping millions scrambling around trying to figure out how long the deliberate, artificial outage would last only goes to prove PG&E’s total lack of real concern for our safety.

If they sincerely cared for our safety, they wouldn’t spend so much time and resources staging massive outages to cover their felonious behinds. Instead, they would upgrade their outdated and dangerous equipment so it wouldn’t go down with the slightest breeze and cause deadly fires. Ditch PG&E.

Go solar!

— Brenda Barcelo, Santa Cruz

Consider requirements for West Cliff development

While I am not in favor of the 190 West Cliff Drive project, reasonable requirements can be placed on the development to mitigate potential impacts. May I suggest two.

First, the intersection of Bay Street and West Cliff Drive must be expanded and configured to accommodate the expected and future needs in order to eliminate this bottleneck. Since two of the three sides of the intersection are already developed, the expansion can only be done into the project itself. And second, as we have discovered with the roundabouts at the Wharf and at Depot Park, pedestrians are a major issue to the smooth flow of traffic. Some pedestrian mitigation must be part of the solution. Perhaps tunnels, with sloping entrance and egress locations to accommodate the disabled, might be considered.

— John McGuire, Santa Cruz

Commission’s decision trivializes serious crimes

That the city Commission for the Prevention of Violence Against Women took an aggressive stance for the censure of two city councilmen sets a dangerous precedent. It is not called the city Commission for the Prevention of Violence and Harsh Words Against Women. I say that not to diminish the impact of harsh words but to illustrate that such addition trivializes the serious crimes of rape and domestic violence which are the commission’s charge. It is a focussed charge and the commission’s track record on prevention is underwhelming. Since Oct. 1 there have been 195 domestic violence- related calls to emergency dispatch. Last year there were 34 reported rapes to SCPD. Rather than taking an aggressive public stance on these issues, the commission chose to go after two men, one of whom is black, for behavior that has nothing to do with the commission’s charge.

— Gillian Greensite, Santa Cruz

Recall resorts to blaming, side taking and attacking

I feel saddened beyond belief by what is happening in Santa Cruz with the recall effort hearing firsthand about the very serious lies that have been told by some of the signature gatherers, up to $16 per signature being paid and the lack of valid evidence for the recall itself.

Initially, I was stunned to learn that any reason, even one that is false/damaging, will suffice to file a recall initiative. Really? Who decided this? I am distressed that, as a community, we are still resorting to blaming, side taking and attacking.

This is why I have avoided politics most of my life, seeing it as an endless process of back and forth power struggles and anger, leading nowhere.

The City Council has finally approved the multiple recommendations for mediation.

When will the rest of the community agree to this as well?

Please check facts/withdraw signatures here:https://stopsantacruzrecalls. org/ — Satya Orion, Felton

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